Two men in blue shirts recycling plastic waste on a beach in Asia

Give back and earn!

Recycling does not have to be hard. It can be done right, and easy. Give back to the environment and we give back to you.

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A plastic bag in the ocean much like a ice burg with a human hand at the top reaching for it. You can see the plastic waste problem being the tip of the ice berg in this image.

Why SimpleCycle?

With just a scroll of your mouse wheel to the next section on this page, you can clearly see recycling is not done right. Our environment is impacted, health, and wellbeing to name a few. SimpleCyle is here to not only get this right, but simplify recycling, clean the environment of plastics, educate, and motivate others to do the same.

Our focus within recycling is on plastics. Something made for sustainability, and the environment, of which plastic is improperly disposed into. We aim to change that one plastic at a time. Starting with plastic bags and with one simple process. We look to change the world one plastic at a time.

  • 262 Million tons

    These are large numbers. 1 ton alone is 2,204.62 pounds. To put that into perspective that is roughly the weight of the Liberty Bell or a baby whale. 262 million tons is the weight of solid waste accumulated in the United States.

  • 91 Million tons

    Or 34.7% of that solid waste is recycled and composted.

  • 181 Million tons

    Of carbon dioxide that was eliminated from the environment by the 34.7% of recycled waste. Which is equivalent to the annual emissions of 38 million passenger vehicles.

  • 13.1%

    Of all municipal solid waste generated is plastic. This equals 34.3 millions tons.

  • 4.6%

    This is the percent of plastic that is actually recycled. Not accounting for proper recycling. The percentage is the lowest aside from wood and glass which were nearly equal.

  • 18.9%

    Is the percent plastic is landfilled which is the highest aside from food.

Family and friends wearing white recycling shirts with a green recycling logo in the middle. All smiling holding up a thumbs up with yellow gloves after recycling plastic waste from a beach.

How can you get involved?

There are many ways to get involved with SimpleCycle. The most direct is with our recycling subscription. We take plastic bags right from consumers and make sure they do not get into the environment, and are repurposed. We even have opportunities for prizes, and rewards! We are highly motivated to get people recycling right.

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