Recycling Subscription

Our Stay Green Get Green subscription program is perfectly designed to take plastic bags out of the environment and back into proper recycling pipelines where they belong. All plastic sent to us through this program is repurposed and remanufactured into new products. Find out how it works, and how you can earn rewards.

All profits generated by the subscriptions go directly back into environmental waste reduction.

A simple solution to plastic pollution is the text on the image. Blue background with white text. Cardboard recycling tube on the right.

What is the subscription about?

Pure and simple recycling. You subscribe, you get a free SimpleCycle Tube, you put (un contaminated please) plastic bags into the tube, we get it picked up from your house every month, take the bags, recycle and repurpose the plastic waste, and send you your tube back. Rinse and repeat!

Each subscription is only $19.99 per month.

Recycle and win big is the text on this image. White text on an orange background with a man dressed in a red plaid flannel excited fist clenched.

Now to make this a bit more fun:

Once you sign up you are automatically entered into a lottery raffle. In addition an individual: properly disposes of plastic bags in our tube (find out more about that here), and recycles the most plastic will get more chances to win the lottery which is a $200 gift card of their choice! The more plastic bags you donate, the higher chance you have of winning! Second place in our drawing is $100, and third place is $25.

Invite friends to subscribe and gain even more chances of being drawn as a winner! The more recyclers we get, the better chances we have
at reducing waste.