The Stay Green Get Green plastic recycling program by SimpleCycle is simple to follow, has rewards, and keeps our planet green. Find out how the full program works and everything about it with this easy to follow guide.

Once you subscribe on our site to participate in Keep Green Earn Green you will receive your plastic tube. The sustainably constructed tube will come with two reusable plastic caps that can be removed (please do not throw them away!).

Next you remove one of the caps on either end of the tube and you can then place clean, uncontaminated, plastic bags into the tube.

The more plastic that you give to us, the higher your chances of winning the drawing. We weigh each tube that is sent in. For every 4 ounces of bags you send in the tube, you get an additional drawing in the event. However: the moment you do sign up for the monthly subscription you are automatically enrolled in the drawing every 6 months. The more bags you recycle and send to us based off of pounds, the more tickets you will receive in the drawing. 16 ounces is 5 more tickets!

Once we get the tube, we empty it, and send it back to you. All the plastic bags you send us, go right into new materials, and not into the environment. A full stream recycling program! Not a single scrap of plastic you send to in, gets into the environment. We repurpose all of it!