Recycling is not truly effective because the recycling process depends on both the consumer and recycler. Most recyclers do not truly have the proper means to effectively clean contaminated plastic. Making sure plastic is clean of contamination before you recycle truly helps the process, and in keeping our planet green.

Here is how:

Use this simple checklist to stay compliant with the subscription rules on contamination.

Your clean compliance checklist:

No moisture, food, or wetness on the plastic bags or film

Please assure that there is no liquid or wetness on the plastic bags. Please do not place bags into the tube that have this or food residue on them. If there is any food, or similar contamination on the plastic bags, please wash it off, and let the bags dry overnight, or dry the bags with a cloth, before placing them into the tubes.

No harmful chemicals

If there are any harmful chemicals, fecal matter, or other harmful contaminates on the bags your subscription will be fined $50.

Nothing inside the bags

It may seem simple enough, but please make sure that there is nothing inside the bags when you are placing them inside the tubes. Whether your valuables, or garbage.

Why do we mention this?

It is important to the environment and recycling process that these plastics are recycled effectively. If there are any liquids, or food particles, on the plastic when we go to recycle this, it creates a harm to the entire process and impedes us correctly recycling the plastic. We can not go fully green without your support. This can also damage our machines, and in turn, leech plastics into the surrounding environment which is exactly what we are against. Contaminated plastics, no matter what you are told, ARE NOT recycled correctly and not only damage the recycling process, but the environment as well.

Chemicals on the other hand not only harm our environment when we go to break the plastics back down, but also harm our staff when we are handling these plastics.