Plastics That Do Not Go Into the Tubes

Here you will discover plastic that cannot be recycled in our tubes so you can clearly differentiate by the physical type of plastic. Generally, when recycling to properly repurpose plastic, separating by type is highly necessary. In our case, we repurpose hard to recycle film. All else for now is considered contamination.

Please see below for a helpful tool on what to avoid placing into the tubes. We have discussed and showcased plastics by type and what can and cannot be used. Now here we will have visual aids to help further on the don'ts.

  • Plastic bottles

  • Milk jugs, yogurt containers, and cleaning supplies

  • Bubble wrap, cardboard, and shampoo bottles

  • Toys

  • Styrofoam products and cutlery

  • Any type of food

  • Metals or glass

  • Paper products

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