Recycling rewards keep getting better!

When you invite more friends and family to recycle with us, and subscribe to our program, you get more chances to win in the Stay Green Get Green gift card drawing every 6 months. Give back to the environment and we give back to you.

When you invite a friend to subscribe to the Stay Green Get Green recycling program you also earn another position in our drawing for a prize. Once your referral subscribes to the program your profile will be entered again into the program. There is no limit to how many times your profile can be added.

Therefore, if you are signed up to subscribe, that is 1 entry into the prize drawing. If you refer 2 friends and both of them sign up to the subscription, you will now have 3 entries into the prize drawing. If you invite 3 friends and 2 subscribe you now have 2 additional entries in the drawing.

If your referral unsubscribes you will loose the spot you had gained. So if you have 2 referrals, and 1 unsubscribes you now have 1 additional spot in the drawing, on top of your standard drawing spot.

Even better: The more you invite, you also get rewards on top of additional drawing spots! These reward tiers are described below.

Additional referral reward tiers:

If 20 of your referrals sign up:

1 SimpleCycle store item of your choice

If 40 of your referrals sign up:

2 SimpleCycle store items of your choice

If 60 of your referrals sign up:

$75 gift card of your choice

If 100+ of your referrals sign up:

We will contact you for a special prize