Plastic waste in bales behind a white arrow with a lightbulb at the start.

SimpleCycle has started out of the need to make our world more green, and reduce waste. Believe it or not, plastic was actually invented as a substitute for using Earth’s natural resources. The way it is used, and disposed of, however, is not and it is largely harmful to our environment. Sticking to the real environmental reason as to the why plastic was invented, helps to truly build sustainable paths to the future of recycling, the right way, and simply.

The idea for SimpleCycle started in 2017 when China had announced it was banning all plastic waste imports. We then set right to work knowing that this would have unprecedented impacts all over the global environment.

A girl stands over a sea of plastic waste and pollution with a sign reading: You are destroying our future. She is wearing a facemask. There is a white arrow over the image pointing down.

Fast forward to today, it has. Despite large efforts to
clean up our oceans, and shorelines around the world – plastic waste is exploding, literally, from the southeast Asian continent as the infrastructure there struggles to deal with the influx of waste after their larger neighbor, China, has stopped accepting it. Most countries around the world transport their plastic waste into Asia to try and stem the flooding of improperly, and even properly, disposed plastic products in their communities. If it is not transported, the vast majority of plastic waste is incorrectly disposed of, incinerated, or left as litter. This has not only an impact on our natural environment, but human health as well. Plastic particles have been found to affect everything from growth, to birth complications.

A group of people wearing safety vests on a beach cleaning plastic waste from the sand. There is a man in the front holding up a full bag of waste and smiling. A white arrow pointing down with a leaf in the center.

SimpleCycle was founded to help with this rather large problem in a fairly simple way. Plastic recycling is vastly complex from its operation to repurposing. But we look to change that by going one step at a time. Part of this complexity is something we use nearly every day: Plastic bags (more specifically HDPE and LDPE film product). These bags are generally found at grocery stores across the United States, and believe it or not, 9 out of 10 times are not recycled properly. That rate may be even higher than what reporting denotes. The reason for this is that those bags cannot be properly broken down by major recyclers (even though they say they can) because the film clogs up their grinders. This of course leads to a huge environmental problem that is not even being discussed today which is the metric tons worth of plastic bags that are piling up damaging our environment, and leaching harmful chemicals into our communities.

The SimpleCycle logo over a man talking on a walkie talkie in a recycling factory.

We however, have developed a full process that assures those bags are not only being ground up, but fully reused in products developed by major commercial manufacturers across the world! All we do is simply collect the bags right from your home and reprocess them ourselves to assure 0 waste re-enters back into our environment. We have developed a full stream recycling process that completely removes plastic bag waste from our lives to assure that it is repurposed for future use. Simple as that!

It is our mission, and purpose, to create a 100% plastic waste free world. SimpleCycle is just that. Recycling simply and with a purpose. It is because recycling is so complicated, tedious, and inconvenient is the why it is not done properly. Cleaning our Earth does not have to be complicated. The funds we generate are to be repurposed in cleaning plastic waste already polluting our world, and in furthering the scope of our recycling processes. Every penny we earn – goes back to developing a cleaner world. 

Help us get there!