There is a lot of plastic out there which makes recycling very difficult. Mixing plastics together makes recycling generally ineffective. We have a simple approach to recycling that is fully sustainable. Find out what plastics go inside our tubes here.

The plastic bags you send to us can be from anywhere. We just need to make sure, as previously mentioned they are without contamination, and have the number 2 or 4 inside the triangle of arrows. Which will look much like the below images.

These can be found in various areas of a bag but mostly denoted below here by the images for ease of use, to assure you are placing the correct bags into the tubes.

Any other number cannot be accepted into this program. HDPE film which is denoted with a 2 and LDPE film which is denoted with a 4 can only be accepted.

  • HDPE 2

    The plastic code, or resin code, for HDPE can be located on the bottom of most bags or film products. However this can frequently change. In the example above, this was found on the side of a plastic grocery bag, and is fairly hard to spot. They will not always be printed clearly. May not always depict "HDPE" on the logo.

  • LDPE 4

    The resin, or plastic, code for LDPE can be located on the bottom of most bags, or film products. In the example above it is located on the top of an industrial bag. It may not always state "LDPE" on the bottom of the arrow logo.

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