Read on here to uncover what plastic types we accept, or resin codes, in our recycling subscription program. Plastic recycling is a delicate process, and is not a one size fits all solution to sustainability. It needs to be done right. We have that solution.

We only accept plastic grocery bags into this program. We have an exception if you are able to also gather HDPE film, which is what plastic bags are made of, and place them into the tube that is also acceptable. Additionally, LDPE film is allowed in the tubes.

These are marked with a number 2 (HDPE) inside the revolving arrows or a number 4 (LDPE). Sometimes including the letters HDPE or LDPE under them.

Anything else that is placed into the tubes will be rejected and you will not be eligible to be entered into the current drawing for a gift card. This restriction will be lifted after winners are selected.

Should frequent violations occur where incorrect materials are constantly place into the tube 4 months in a row you will be fined on top of the subscription an additional $11.99.

Plastic number guide:

Numbers 2 and 4 pictured here are for HDPE and LDPE plastics. HDPE and LDPE can be used to make a wide range of products. However, we are recycling plastic film. So anything from bags to any assortment of films with these logos located on them.

Material guide:

Relative to the above image, materials such as bags or film products are accepted in this program. Bottles, containers, Styrofoam cups, toys, and bowls are examples of plastic products that we do not accept.